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Where are you?

I don’t get this question..?

Tumblr crushes: Historical Ranking

I hope you all don’t mind me posting this but I was just sitting in the daft’s doing nothing and I thought you guys might want to see it.

I haven’t touched it in any way. 

I remember him starting this mouths and  mouths back.

Martin Out.

Tumblr Crushes: Historical Rankings

Okay, not to seem egotistical but i know there are multiple people out there who care about this so here goes.

Historical Winners (Since i started posting daily):

13/3/2012: SheronaM

12/3/2012: IdeasAndOpinions

11/3/2012: TheFuckingQueenOfCanada

10/3/2012: WishItDidntEndThisWay

9/3/2012 SheronaM

8/3/2012: SheronaM

7/3/2012: SheronaM

6/3/2012: 7thSignPoeticPaperChaser

5/3/2012: Schizoblitz

4/3/2012: SheronaM

3/3/2012: SheronaM

2/3/2012: SheronaM

1/3/2012: IdeasAndOpinions

29/2/2012: IdeasAndOpinions

28/2/2012: IdeasAndOpinions

27/2/2012: TheFuckingQueenOfCanada

26/2/2012: SheronaM

25/2/2012: SheronaM

24/2/2012: SheronaM

23/2/2012: Schizoblitz


Most consecutive wins: SheronaM and IdeasAndOpinions - 3

Most wins total: SheronaM - 10

Highest score: SheronaM - 28%

Most consecutive appearances: SheronaM - 18

I can’t believe it!

Carol, Paul and I had lost track of the dates, but my mum hadn’t the 3 of us sat stunned as we realized we’d gone past the two mouth point without knowing. 

for those who don’t know; Zac die on the 15th of November so it was Jan 15th for the two mouth point.

I know I kinda mentioned this already, but I’m still stunned.

Martin Out.

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Tumblr is not the same without him... I hope you get better. Stay strong <3

Thank you :’)

I have to say, I too only one look at your blog and already love it. 

It seems we have many things in common 

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Was Zac adopted?

Yes. Though it makes hardly any difference in my eyes because Paul and Carol brought him up as their child.

Carol was there at the birth, Paul would have been but he was in a different State and no one saw it coming so soon. And travelling was harder because it was so close to Christmas. 

By the time Zac was 10 days old he was completely carol’s and Pauls.   

Its only been two mouths?

It doesn’t seems to add up. Its been only two mouth since Zac die yet it can’t be!

It feels so much longer!

Martin Out.

Dinner with Zac’s parents

My mum and I just came back from a lovely dinner with Zac’s parents, Carol and Paul.

We went to a restraint that we’d been to many times before called Leonardo’s.

We spoke about many different things. And I learned more about Zac. Its weird just when I thought I’d heard everything..

I told them about college, work and how I was thinking of taking up dog grooming for real and started college on a grooming course next year. 

They told me they’d gotten new fish since I’d since them. 

I told his parents that Zac once said how he wanted to be an actor, or at least like the idea of it. That was new to them.

We spoke of his abilities and smart he was.

They said they’d since been in contact with his birth mum and that she didn’t take the news well (Of course!) 

There were times when I felt like crying but I didn’t… Though it seems I’m only good at stopping myself when others are around me. As soon as I was in my bedroom tears filled my eyes. I’d let myself think to much about him for awhile. It was better that way.  The last time I thought to much about him my mum made me took time off college :L

I hope to see Carol and Paul soon again. We haven’t set anything up but they told me to come round whenever. I like the idea of that, and seeing Zeke (Their dog) would be nice. 

I wish I could do more for them. Seeing them makes me wish I could turn back time.

Martin Out.

Happy two year anniversary!</3

For those of you who didn’t who Zac and I started dating two years ago on New Years Eve. 

Two years ago we meet at your normal meeting spot in Brighton town outside Nero’s. We then walked to the Pier and went to back where I took my first ever picture of him. Shortly after being there we walked down to the beach. I ended up getting cold and Zac gave me his jacket and hugged me. 

I knew he wanted to kiss me, I could feel it. He started stroking his lips against my hair and then I thought “Eh what the hell!” and turned around swiftly and kissed him for the first time. We stayed like that kissing for so long that when we next opened ours it was dark. 

The rest of the night was spent walking about town. Every homeless person we past Zac gave £10 to :) 

And that was the start of us.. 

Happy Anniversary, FlyBoy!!</3 

I wish you could have been here with me.

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Did he die painlessly?

I’m not sure. Sorry.

After the Memorial

I meant to mention this before but forgot.

After Zac’s memorial on the 9th of December When my friend Paige and I went back for coffee at his parents house we were told to go in his room and see if we want anything (Sounds weird, but his parents really wanted his things to be with people Zac knew and not strangers). 

I was looking for one thing I could find anywhere.. My engagement ring. I knew it had to be in his room because when we broke up I slipped it into his pocket before leaving (He wanted me to have, but I felt like somewhat of a gold digger for keeping it). So I looked around thinking he probably hidden it.

Suddenly something told me to look behind a signed picture on top of his bookcase. And what would you know.. The ring was there, yet not alone.

Wrapped around the ring was a lock of hair :’( And they both sat in a waist band with “Brighton 2010 - 2011” on, I remember him saying how he’d have to not wear it anymore because he brought it for time in our relationship..

Just wanted you to know

Martin Out



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LOL you’ve made my day.


PLS tell me where this GIF is from.

Its from a TV series called Gormenghast. It was Zac’s favourite. All together its over 4 hours long :P

This is Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the role of Steerpike. Last Halloween Zac actually dressed up as Steerpike. ^-^ If you didn’t already know Jonathan was Zac Crush. 

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With all due respect, I really think you should leave Zac's blog alone and post your personal things on your own blog. I understand you're upset and hurt over Zac's suicide, but it doesn't seem right to flood his blog with such things. He doesn't seem like the type of guy who would have wanted that. I see that you were clearly close to Zac, but you aren't the only one suffering over this and I think he'd want you to remember that and be strong rather than behave the way you have been.

Excuse me? He ask me to keep it alive, thank you! 

And I’m trying to keep his family in different countries updated. 

I’m not ‘flooding’ his blog, its been decided that this is now a blog to remember him by.

And I wasn’t just very close with him, I was the closest to him.

I never said I was the only one suffering, thats one of the reasons I’m keeping it updated. I haven’t touch any of his posts, people can already look back.

"The way I’ve behaved"? What’s that suppose to mean? Am I not allowed to care that he’s dead? The only person that never judge me? My best friend ever?  

Zac and I!
It was rare that he ever let me take pictures of him and even rare with pictures together of us.. I&#8217;m sad to say there isn&#8217;t many of us together.

Zac and I!

It was rare that he ever let me take pictures of him and even rare with pictures together of us.. I’m sad to say there isn’t many of us together.

Zac always hated this picture. In fact I once painted it out.. within 10 seconds it was in pieces! But I&#8217;ve always thought its was a nice picture. Not just because its of him sleeping but because he just looks so peaceful &lt;/3 

Zac always hated this picture. In fact I once painted it out.. within 10 seconds it was in pieces! But I’ve always thought its was a nice picture. Not just because its of him sleeping but because he just looks so peaceful </3