Ways to win or lose arguments

I thought i should post this after my Hitler principle post. Below is a ways to win/lose debates or arguments.

I think i should add at this point that this isn’t debating tips, it’s the various categories of winning or losing.

  1. Forfeit - If someone withdraws from the debate, they lose
  2. Higher ground - If someone degrades into personal insults or things of that nature, they lose
  3. Hitler principle - See this post
  4. Agreement of error - If someone admits they were wrong and/or that the other person was right, they lost
  5. Proof - If someone can provide rock-solid truth that they’re right, they win

Now, there are a few ways to draw in arguments/debates. Here they are:

  1. Moot - If the argument/debate is rendered totally irrellevant, it’s a draw
  2. Mutual error - If both sides admit that they were wrong, it’s a draw
  3. Agreement to disagree - Although this is arguably a massive pussy out for both people, it is technically a draw. However, if one person says let’s agree to disagree and the other person denies this, leading the first person to quit the argument, the first person loses by forfeit.

Now you know ^_^

Manning out.

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